Edwin (Mark) Huits – Drums, percussion, piano, keys, programming, orchestral arrangements, sound engineering and production

Born in Heerlen, the Netherlands, on January 31, 1980
Height: 184.5cm

1.) Who are your musical influences?

Sting, John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Edwin McCain, Phil Collins, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Blof, Kane, Ilse DeLange, Dominic Miller, Carter Beauford, Vinnie Colaiuta, Ton Dijkman, Nir Z, Hans Eijkenaar, Florian Hoefnagels, Mozart, Sybelius, etc.

2.) What past bands or groups have you worked with?

I have been in multiple bands from cover bands to salsa/calypso bands and from jazz combos to classical orchestras.

As a professional session musician, producer, audio engineer, composer, arranger and/or A&R Manager I have shared the studio/stage with many top musicians including: DJ Jean Moiree (#2 hit in the Swizz Dance Charts; 2003), Linda Wagenmakers (#10 hit in the Dutch Pop Charts; 2000), Samiro (#19 hit in the Wandoo Top-50; 2003), Syb van der Ploeg (multiple hits in the Dutch Pop Charts), De Heideroosjes (successful Dutch band), Justine Pelmelay (John Denver), Tom Pierce (Elton John), Matto Kranenburg (Kane), Kees Kraayenoord’s band (best-selling gospel artist of the Netherlands), Ralph van Manen (several hits in Europe and in America, 2 platinum and 1 golden album), Orvil (Ecovata), YMCA Gospel Choir (Ecovata), Sita (multiple international #1 hits), Ab Normaal (Universal Music), Square44, Marooned, Jester of the King, the Blue Orleans and many others

3.) Besides your primary instrument, what other instruments do you play?

Trumpet, tuba, trombone, horn, cornet, bugel, koto, accordion, tin whistle, guitars, bass, harmonica and I am now trying hard to get a better sound out of the Shakuhachi I got.

4.) What’s in your “CD player” right now?

Depending on what CD player, but right now I have a CD with demo recordings of Sinnocular, demo recordings for Chieko, Square44 and Jester of the King. But to be honest, I have actually been listening to my iPhone/iPod a lot lately in order to prepair for our upcoming shows.

5.) What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Pink Floyd in Rotterdam on their The Division Bell Tour.


As a composer, Edwin received a Gouden Vlam Filmfestival (Golden Flame Filmfestival) Award for Best Music (1996) at the age of 16 for his contribution to “De Vliegende Hollander” (The Flying Dutchmen);

Edwin Huits had his first job as a studio (session) musician at the age of 14;

In 1998, Edwin played the piano in a jazz combo. During the recordings for this band, the drummer of this trio damaged his hearing so badly that he would never be able to play the drums again. Because of the fact that drummers were hard to find for the kind of music that this jazz band made, Edwin decided that he would give it a try and the band finished the recording with Edwin Huits as their new drummer. If it were not for this, Edwin might have never started to play the drums;

Edwin composed, arranged, performed, recorded and/or produced: TV tunes, jingles, voice-overs, teasers, trailers, movies, documentaries and TV shows for Dutch television and for Internet broadcasts. He also worked for numerous CD and DVD productions for signed artists and record labels (Universal Music Netherlands, CNR, LaMutta, Ecovata, Veronica, RTL4, RTL5, SBS6);

Edwin is multilingual;

He is allergic to seafood;

His favorite Japanese beer is “Asahi Dry”;

He does not know his blood type, but is sure it is red and liquid;

Edwin started to play “music” at the age of four, because he was attracted by the black and white keys of the piano and when he started to bang them he found out that it is really a sort of drug to create; it’s like chatting directly with God.

Edwin has live experience in: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Ireland, the United States of America, United Kingdom and Japan.


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