Philadelphia is gebaseerd op het verhaal van Romeo en Julia / Pyramus en Thisbe: twee mensen die van elkaar houden, maar op de een of andere manier niet bij elkaar kunnen zijn. Het kan ook gaan over de liefde voor iemand z’n geboorteplaats.


Music and Lyrics by: Edwin Huits

The moon falls over the streets of Philly
I put my coat around you
It’s so chilling cold
And we are in the old part of town
And all I want to do is
Walk the streets down with you
Until we are in South Street
That’s where all the people meet tonight
And if you want to stay with me that’s alright with me

We could go to Wayne to the Gryphon Cafe on Monday night
Just relax and hear Love Syndicate play
We would dance all night until the sun awakes
For another day or two, another day with you

The moon falls over the streets of Philly

No matter who you are, no matter what you do
We all have our own place that we call home
And we’d like to call into
And yours is here and there is mine

We’ll be fine

So, I’ll take the last bus home, back to where I belong
This place that I call home

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