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– Four Minutes Til Midnight
Band from California, USA

– Jester of the King
Dutch folk formation around singer/songwriter Judith Moerman. As a session drummer Edwin Huits recorded drums for this band’s EP “Beautiful When You Smile” (2005) and for Jester of the King’s latest album (release: summer of 2010)

– Bigsus Brothers
Japanese band from Yamaguchi

– 山下 怜美
Japanese artist from Tottori

– Duff
Band from Kumamoto, Japan

– ハイファイコーヒーズ
Band from Osaka, Japan

– Soulcraft
Band from Kumamoto, Japan

– Soundless Sound
Japanese band

– Ayakasi
Japanese band from Miyazaki

– Chair’s Morning Bread
Japanese band from Nagasaki

– Ne-co…
Japanese band from Kumamoto

– Little-Wing
Japanese band from Fukuoka

– House Dust
Japanese band

– South High
Japanese band

– Onomatoplain
Band from Kumamoto, Japan

– Fight For The Kiss
Band from Fukuoka, Japan

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