It is not an understatement to say that Sinnocular is a bit of an oddity. After all, it isn’t easy being the world’s first homegrown Japanese rock band that has no Japanese members. But one thing is for sure: it’s a hell of a lot of fun for both listeners and band members alike.

Sinnocular’s story begins in July 2009 in Kumamoto, Japan. Drummer Edwin Huits and singer/guitarist Anthony Coronado had been trading musical ideas for some time, and their results had been nothing short of amazing. Anthony’s powerful array of guitar riffs perfectly complemented Edwin’s impeccable taste in drumming. They quickly realized that they were on to something good, so they began recording what would become Sinnocular’s first two songs: “一センチ (Issenchi)” and “2 AM”.

Shortly afterwards they recruited lead guitarist Walter Scarborough, bringing in an extra palette of musical textures into the band. Though the trio had already begun forging the deliciously eclectic melodies that are now typical for Sinnocular, they knew that the music was not yet complete. They found the missing piece of their musical puzzle in bassist Lander Sims. His enthusiastic demeanor and solid technical skill blended well with the rest of the band – making the group finally feel and sound complete. And thus, the unstoppable entity that is known as Sinnocular was born.

The band’s name itself is a variation of the Latin word “senocular”, meaning “6 eyes”. With their roots spread between America, the Netherlands and Japan, this word aptly alludes to Sinnocular’s unique international heritage and their ability to have a set of “eyes” to see through each of their three cultures. Of course never content to simply imitate, the band chose to put their own innovative twist on the word, bringing in a new and slightly sinister spelling.

Sinnocular plays furious no nonsense rock in the vein of (but not limited to) bands like Finch, Velvet Revolver, Kane, etc. Though comparisons can be made, Sinnocular’s diverse background ensures that its music can never be pigeonholed.

Sinnocular has quickly gained a glowing reputation for their energetic live concerts that tiptoe the fine line between furious and passionate. During their 2010 Kyushu summer tour, Sinnocular became the first foreign Japanese band to play at every major venue in Kumamoto City. It is thus no surprise that Sinnocular is consistently listed in the top 10 list of the ReverbNation Rock Charts for Japan.

Though they are based in Japan, Sinnocular have their hearts, hopes and dreams set on playing for the entire world. They are pleased to announce their partnership with DistributionLabel to help facilitate the world release of their groundbreaking self-titled debut EP.

Sinnocular is a band that seeks to tie together its strong relationships between the U.S., Europe and Japan in a culmination that is best described as musical ecstasy. Thanks to the wide musical
influences of its members, Sinnocular’s music manages to be organic, relevant and perhaps even infamous in today’s crowded musical climate.

From our hopes and dreams to yours, we are SINNOCULAR!

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