Let the guitar wizards of the world rejoice, for Walter recently finished upgrading another guitar!

This upgrade is similar to the last one, so here’s what he did:

1.) Removed all original switches, potentiometers, and wiring.

2.) Added electrical shielding all throughout the control cavity (deja vu…).

3.) Replaced the switch with a Schaller “E” Megaswitch, replaced the volume potentiometer with a Stewmac 500k part in the tone pot position, replaced the saddles with Graphtec String Savers, and…once again never replaced the tone pot.

4.) Oiled the fretboard with lemon oil.

Surprisingly enough, this upgrade was significantly more difficult than the last one despite being almost the same procedure. The control cavity on this guitar is much smaller than the one on the previous guitar. Since this guitar doesn’t have a pickguard, all electronics are jam-packed inside the control cavity without much room to spare! Let’s take a look and see this step by step!

A.) This guitar is difficult to classify. It was originally an Ibanez rg7321, but a lot of the hardware has been changed. It now has Schaller locking tuners, a Blaze 7 in the neck position, and a D-Sonic 7 in the bridge position. All of Walter’s guitars use Dimarzio Cliplock locking straps.
B.) After turning the guitar over, we can get a good look at the control cavity (it’s the light black patch in the upper middle of the guitar). Walter has written the word “applause” in Japanese using glow in the dark tape on the back of his guitar. He thinks it’s hilarious and occasionally will flip his guitar over after a show to show it off.
C.) Wow, that control cavity is REALLY small! Let’s start to take out all of the original electronics.
D.) Almost there!
E.) Here we’ve laid down the first bit of electrical shielding. It’s the gold strip in the center of the control cavity. Let’s keep going until we’ve finished lining the entire cavity.
F.) Alright! The electrical shielding is finished. So far so good!
G.) We’ve very carefully soldered the new potentiometer, switch, pickup leads and ground inside the guitar.
H.) Now it’s time to replace the saddles. Since this is Walter’s primary guitar for live concerts, the old set has gotten really worn out!
I.) The new saddles look and feel great. Since they are the same kind that Walter put on his other guitar, he already knows that they will sound fantastic!
J.) Guitar necks can get really dry in the winter and it is a good idea to keep the fretboard well oiled to prevent cracking. Tung oil or lemon oil both work well.
This guitar is ready to rock! Listen for it at Sinnocular’s upcoming concert at Kokura FUSE on March 5th!

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