Woohoo! Walter finished upgrading one of his guitars and is thrilled with the results.

So what exactly did he do? Great question!

1.) Removed all original switches, potentiometers, and wiring.

2.) Added electrical shielding all throughout the control cavity and under the pickguard.

3.) Replaced the switch with a Schaller “E” Megaswitch, replaced the volume potentiometer with a Stewmac 500k part in the tone pot position, replaced the saddles with Graphtec String Savers, and…mysteriously never replaced the tone pot at all!

But pictures are worth a thousand words, so let’s take a closer look and walk through this!

A.) Here’s Walter’s trusty Ibanez rt150. It has Sperzel locking tuners, a PAF Pro in the neck position, and a D-Sonic in the bridge position.
B.) We take off the pickguard and…voila! Here is the original stock wiring. The output jack and bridge ground will have to be desoldered before we can completely remove this. Hmm…kinda tricky, huh?
C.) Ah, now we can remove the pickguard. Take a good look at the wiring, because it’s about to be completely taken apart!
D.) The control cavity is a little dirty – let’s clean it up so that we can lay down the electrical shielding.
E.) Here’s the Stewmac adhesive shielding that we’ll be using. This roll is 2 inches wide, but we can cut it into any smaller size necessary.
F.) Whew! It took a long time, but we finally finished shielding the control cavity. Looks nice!
G.) After desoldering and removing all electronics, we’re left with only the pickups. Now we can start to apply the shielding to the pickguard!
H.) We’re just about finished with the shielding here. Next, we will be redoing all the wiring.
I.) Ok, a lot has happened here so let’s take a look at this. First, we attached the volume knob to the tone knob position. Next, we attached our Schaller “E” Megaswitch. We then soldered the pickup leads to the Megaswitch and the ground/output wires from the Megaswitch to the volume knob. Whew. Now, it’s time to solder the bridge ground and output jack wires.
J.) Alright! The pickguard is back on now. But we’re not done yet! We still need to replace the saddles.
The guitar looks great, plays great and SOUNDS amazing! Listen for it on Sinnocular’s upcoming album!

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