Just to let everyone know, Edwin has been hit by a car. Take a deep breath, he’s still alive. However, it will probably take him about 2 weeks to recover. When asked how he was doing, Edwin replied: “I hope this is not the only hit Sinnocular will have, but at least it’s a hit and we’re still standing.” We wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

This happened a couple of days before our concert on Sunday, so in the spirit of “the show must go on”, we actually had to create a completely new set. We wound up arranging, rehearsing and playing an acoustic show in the space of about a day and a half and…it went really well! Think something along the lines of “Nirvana Unplugged” except with Sinnocular rather than Nirvana and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what it was like. Despite the unfortunate circumstances about its inception, the acoustic show was a tremendous success. That said, we’re all looking forward to playing an electric show with Edwin again as soon as he’s ready.

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