This summer we took a break for about a month. However, we did not quite sit back during this month.
Edwin and Anthony moved to a new house. Walter went on a trip to the States and bought new gear for the band just like Lander and Edwin did.

But that’s not all! Anthony wrote a bunch of new songs; Walter kept himself busy with the guitar recordings for Sinnocular’s new single, which will hopefully be released by the end of this year. Edwin recorded drums for this same single.

Dutch folk/jazz formation “Jester of the King” released a new album for which Edwin Huits recorded drums. So in case you are curious to hear more of Edwin’s drumming (in a completely different style from what you are used to with Sinnocular) you can click here for the official Jester of the King website.

Now that Sinnocular is back from their vacation we will do our best to keep updating our Internet site again every week. Meanwhile, we are working hard to record our upcoming single “Pieces” and of course we will also be playing lots of shows again this fall.

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