Just try to imagine: you lost your family; you lost your friends; you lost your house; you lost your work and your money; there is no food anymore and there is nothing to drink… You are suffering from bad wounds and you need immediate help, but even the hospitals are not there anymore. You have no one to turn to, there’s no one that can help you… Just try to imagine this.
For most of us this is hopefully beyond our imagination, but for the people in Haiti this is the harsh truth. We CAN help and we SHOULD help! Not giving any money or help is not an option. And therefore Sinnocular will be playing a fundraiser concert benefiting the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.
Help Sinnocular to raise money for Haiti and buy the EP “Sinnocular”. All the profit of our CD sales on February 6 will go straight to Haiti.
Expect a very emotional and heavy experience with a lot of impact! For after the Beatles, U2 and Tokio Hotel, Sinnocular will now shout from the roof to make a statement: HELP THE VICTIMS IN HAITI!!!

Sinnocular for Haiti: February 6, 2010 (on the roof of Second Sight, Kumamoto, Japan)

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