Sinnocular’s first single “Self-Centered Whore Cold Blooded Thing” will premiere on the radio on Sunday (January 10). The first two radio stations to play Sinnocular’s music are: Unique FM (Netherlands) and Jango Radio (USA).

Edwin Huits will do a radio interview (in Dutch) for Unique FM on Sunday, January 10, starting a little after 22:00 (10.00 PM) CET (Central European Time). After this interview “Self-Centered Whore Cold Blooded Thing” will be played for the first time. Both radio stations also broadcast online. So, in case you won’t be able to tune in to hear us live through “ye-good-ol‘-radio”, either follow the live stream from wherever you are in the world, or download the radio show (or just our song) afterwards.

Jango Radio will not do an interview with us at this point, but they will play “Self-centered Whore Cold Blooded Thing” at least 100 times. If enough people register as a Sinnocular-fan on and request to hear our music more often they might keep on playing Sinnocular’s music. Online at (the Internet Radio Station) you can even hear us straight away upon request. Just type in “Sinnocular” and hit the play button! (This option will only become available after our radio debut on Sunday.)

Unique FM:
Jango Radio:

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